Bradley Hughes Endorses the Slinger

The Slinger is the first and only golf instruction aid endorsed by Bradley Hughes, a two-time Australian Masters Champion -Presidents Cup Player. “The unique design of The Slinger allows the golfer to work on his swing indoors and receive instant feedback about their downswing and release style. Watch the video of my demonstration of this great product […]

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Great Review of Slinger Golf Training Aids by former LPGA player

PRODUCT REVIEW: Bunkers Paradise’s KATE HUGHES (Former LPGA Tour Player) works with two of Slingergolf’s golf training aids The INSIDEMOVE Look/Feel/Performance This is a simple but very effective tool in keeping you on plane throughout the swing. It is very easy to understand and the instructions are written right on the training tool. What I like […]

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Are You a Serious or Social Golfer?

You wouldn’t take a road trip without a map… Yet most golfers attempt to learn a golf swing with little or no knowledge of golf’s critical swing fundamentals. The pros I work with tell me that the percentage of golfers who take lessons is around six percent.  And of those six percent, around fifty percent […]

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Can You Swing On-Plane?

Over 85% of golfers improperly cross the target line at the point of impact during their shot, resulting in pulls, slices and poor distance. Most golfers follow-through by aiming straight down the target line instead of swinging the club outward over the target line — they are NOT swinging on-plane. When it comes to important […]

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