Are You a Serious or Social Golfer?

You wouldn’t take a road trip without a map…

Yet most golfers attempt to learn a golf swing with little or no knowledge of golf’s critical swing fundamentals.

The pros I work with tell me that the percentage of golfers who take lessons is around six percent.  And of those six percent, around fifty percent spend more time telling the pro what they are doing wrong, than listening to what the pro has to say.

That leaves around ninety-four percent of all golfers that have chosen to learn the game by watching tv, videos,  dvd’s and reading magazines, etc.

Good luck to that idea.

At this point you need to ask yourself, are you a social golfer or a serious golfer.

The social golfer plays golf to get out of the house, have fun and socialize with friends, with little regard to improving their golf game.

The serious golfer wants to play better and will take the time, spend the money, and make the effort to become a better golfer.

You know which one you are.     Okay, you’re a serious golfer.  Now what?

You’ve probably heard that the best way to learn a complicated body motion, and golf has plenty of them, is by repetitions …hundreds of them.

But repetitions are only beneficial if it is done correctly, otherwise they can be counter productive ….even harmful.

So how do you manage to make hundreds, even thousands of correct swing repetitions without going broke at the local range.  And also be able to improve your swing, stay fit and “golf ready” year round, anywhere-anytime.

An excellent way to hit hundreds, even thousands of correct repetitions is with a portable, indoor-outdoor Swing Practice System.

Our Swing Practice System includes a Velcro Target and six Velcro balls and the InsideMove.

The target has a Velcro stripe sewn down its center.  This is what you try to hit, the same as a flag on the green.   The InsideMove is an amazingly simple device that teaches a very counter-intuitive swing fundamental, how to swing “on plane” correctly.  The InsideMove is placed on the floor and aimed at the vertical stripe on the target.

Now you have your own portable personal practice area that’s quick and easy to setup and use anywhere you go.  More importantly the visual feedback of the balls trajectory will tell you if each swing was done correctly or not.  With this precise visual feedback you can self improve yourself to an excellent golf swing.

At SlingerGolf we’re all about swing fundamentals the “road map” to a winning swing.

Our products are portable and designed to be used anywhere, anytime you want to stay in touch with your game and improve your swing.

Our portable Velcro Practice Target comes with six Velcro golf balls.   Hang it on a wall at home, office, school, fire station, penthouse, anywhere.  Grab your trusty wedge, or any iron and you’re ready to take charge of your swing and finally “Get It Right”.

The InsideMove is the perfect partner for the Velcro Practice Target.

The InsideMove is a remarkable device that teaches you how to swing “on plane”, like all the great pros.   Once the nickel drops, and you understand what it take to approach impact with the ball from “inside” the target line, a very counter-intuitive move…nothing will ever be the same for you and your golf game.  It’s a true “Game Changer”.

The Slinger is our most revolutionary product.  It’s designed to be used indoors, it’s only 27” long, it fits in your luggage and goes where you go.  It doesn’t touch the ground and never impacts a ball.  It’s the perfect way to learn and master golf’s swing fundamentals.  It’s a pure training tool, and by far your most important golf club.

You’re now a charter member of the five percent of all golfers who know what is takes to swing a golf club correctly.  Yahoo!

With these products you will have the knowledge, and “knowledge is power”, to become the golfer you always dreamed you could be.


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