Great Review of Slinger Golf Training Aids by former LPGA player

Bunkers Paradise’s KATE HUGHES (Former LPGA Tour Player) works with two of Slingergolf’s golf training aids

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 12.56.05 PMThe INSIDEMOVE


This is a simple but very effective tool in keeping you on plane throughout the swing. It is very easy to understand and the instructions are written right on the training tool. What I like about the training tool, was its portability and effectiveness. I love that the 3 armed design folds into itself and allow you to take it with you anywhere…I just stuck it right in the pocket of my golf bag so I have it at arm’s reach. I think for the golfer who has to travel a lot, this is perfect to slip into your carry-on and have it in your hotel room to even just have it as a visual reminder.

Remember, I am a Certified Mental Coach and having a practice training device that I can coach with that allows my players to see and visualize is perfect and I am seeing some serious success from my players by utilizing the InsideMove training aid. Not only does it aid in their physical game in the set up, alignment and swing plane, they are able to see it in their mind’s eye and visualize it during our mental training sessions. Why? Because the design is easy to use and gives the player a visual to play off of in their practice.

As a former LPGA Tour Player, I have had just about every training aid thrown at me to look at, use and discuss. But this one was so easy to comprehend and utilize right off the bat.

Many golfers have what looks like a great swing, but in reality most of the players you see day in and day out are just not properly making solid contact with the ball at impact due to their club crossing the target line at the most crucial point in the swing. What you end up doing when not on plane and square at impact is pulling, pushing and losing incredible distance. The InsideMove gets the club where it is supposed to be prior to impact, at impact and post impact.

Where many players truly make a swing plane error is through the swing and the visual that the InsideMove gives you at address lying there next to your ball is amazing how it transfers to your brain and your swing. It really gave me the edge and confidence I needed coming through the ball just simply having on the ground and allowing my brain to digest the visual and then execute the shot on the right plane.

The InsideMove is small, simple and very effective in the overall outcome of your optimal swing. It really allows you to get in touch with your ‘actual ‘swing’- not the one you think you have in practice and play.

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 12.56.19 PMVELCRO PRACTICE


Now here is a practice training aid that is so cool! I can pull this out practically anywhere inside or out and give the swing a work out. I literally had it up and read out my front door and ready to hit in less than 3 minutes. It is quite portable and easy to take with you to the office, use it in your back yard, take it to a friend’s home or use it in your own home…it is that easy.

When I hit the waffle ball with Velcro strips in my home, I simply used an old piece of carpet and threw it down, hung the Velcro Practice Target on a nail above my front door and away I went. The balls will not break most things…unless you are errant and catch your 1000 year old vase sitting on a pedestal!

I also took it out to the front yard…now mind you, in CA there are no real front yards or even back yards, so I hung in on my garage and put down an outdoor carpet piece I had and practiced. You find you need to really focus on your target in order to hit the Velcro Practice Target—but that is what this game is all about—hitting your target. I had a blast and loved the practice session! I also incorporated the InsideMove to make sure my swing was on plane and my aim what on point.

What a great way to practice. I love the idea that I don’t have to drive 20-25 minutes to the nearest range to practice—I can just do it anywhere!

What you will receive with the Velcro Practice Target is the Veltex portable golf target and 6 Velcro balls. The balls are 3 with red Velcro and 3 black Velcro. It’s really a cool way to compete with your friends…it is like playing darts. You each get 3 balls and you see who gets their Velcro colored balls closest to the white line that runs down the middle of the portable Veltex golf target. I did this with my neighbor…I won!!!

Final Thoughts

I just really enjoyed the portability of the training devices and the designs to encourage and help with my and any players overall game. When it all comes down to it, we need to be aiming correctly and both the InsideMove and the Velcro Practice Targets allow you to gain confidence with your approach to every shot.

The designers where totally in alignment with what the player needs: simple, useful, portable and giving you the confidence to be ‘golf ready’ any time of year—I grew up in Minnesota…this would have been a perfect Training System for me on those cold below zero days in my basement!

The InsideMove and Velcro Practice Target are great for all ages and all levels of players. It will help you reach your goals in golf.

I have mine…do you have yours??

I give both the InsideMove and Velcro Practice Target a Bunkers Paradise Rating — Birdie

– Kate Hughes

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 3.52.00 PMI’m Kate Hughes and I’m a former LPGA tour player with two top 10 finishes. I love to help people find their confidence from within. I am very passionate about ‘everything golf’ and am blessed to be on Team Bunkers Paradise. The most important thing in my life is my family and helping others!!!

‘keep smiling and always believe’

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